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It’s almost spring – What are the important steps to do in your garden right now!

As the ground dries clean up the lawn and landscaped areas

¨ Pick up all loose debris that are on the lawn and in the landscape.  Branches, leaves, litter and whatever else may be present.

¨ Prune any broken branches from shrubs or trees.

¨ Clean up around the bird feeder.

¨ Remove all dead growth from last years perennials if you already haven’t.

¨ Gently push any perennials that have heaved up back into place.

¨ Remove any winter protection from perennials and shrubs

¨ If you have any edging check if it needs straightened out or reset.

¨ If you don’t use edging then maybe this is the year the beds get a new edge cut.  We sell a great edging shovel.

¨ Any areas of the landscape that the mulch is thin can be re-mulched now.  We have mulch by the bag or in bulk.