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Weed eradication has been the continuing scourge of gardeners and homeowners. For us, weed control is the most frustrating and disliked chore. It is also the most time consuming.

Studies show that weeding is the most common garden activity for most of us. Studies also show that the most common method for weed control in flower and vegetable gardens is the old fashion way …. Pulling Them!

Fortunately, there is the modern, time-saving way of treating your lawn and garden with commercial products that do the WEEDING FOR YOU!!

We carry a broad line of these products which we have selected as being the most appropriate, effective and efficient for your use. We attempt to describe these products and their benefits below.

Miracle-Gro Garden Weed Preventer

This product will stop weeds before they start. Use around flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs for hassle-free, weed-free gardens. This product comes in a convenient package especially designed for precise, easy application.


Ortho Weed-B-Gone

An easy to use, highly effective solution that gets rid of weeds fast, without harming your lawn.Kills 80 broadleaf weeds, including clover, chickweed, dandelions, English ivy, plantain and more without harming lawn grasses. Fast acting—rainproof in 6 hours

What It Controls

Kills dandelion, clover, plantain, chickweed, oxalis, spurge, henbit, thistles, wild onion and many other lawn weeds — roots and all.

When To Apply

When weeds are small and actively growing, and temperature is below 90 degrees.When air is calm, (little or no wind). Reapplication can be made in 2 to 3 weeks if necessary. Newly seeded lawns can be sprayed after first mowing

Preen ‘n Green

Often, we rid ourselves of weeds the old fashion way, pulling them, only to find that in a few short weeks, they have returned. If this is one of your problems, here is the solution for you, that works on weeds and adds a fertilizer as well:

Preen ‘n Green Stops Weeds Before They Start.

Preen effectively prevents 27 different annual broad leaf and grassy weeds from growing around nearly 200 varieties of bulbs, flowers, roses, shrubs, trees, and vegetables ( all applicable plants are listed on the label). It will save you hours of time and work all season. And with no weeds competing for moisture, nutrients, sunlight and space, your plants will grow larger and more vigorous.

Preen ‘n Green Prevents Weeds And Fertilizes.

Preen ‘n Green not only provides the same weed prevention as Preen, it also adds nutrients to feed your existing plants. Preen ‘n Green’s balanced 9-17-9 formula of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash works to provide abundant blooms, increased yields, strong root development and improved plant vigor.

How Does It Work?

Both Preen and Preen n’ Green create slight imbalance of nutrients in the soil that prevents of germinating weeds- yet doesn’t affect the health of established plants. One application will prevent weeds for up to three months.


Roundup is a non-selective, systemic weed & grass killer. Use it to kill all types of weeds & grasses, roots and all.

When you spray Roundup on a weed, it’s absorbed throughout the plant, where it prevents the plant from making its own food. Roundup is transported throughout the weed to kill the entire weed – roots & all! Dead weeds can’t regrow. Once in the soil, Roundup breaks down over time into natural materials and will not move in the ground to affect nearby, untreated plants.

Roundup Kills More Weeds in More Places

  • Patios, sidewalks, driveways
  • Lawn replacement
  • Flowerbeds
  • Edging around trees, shrubs, and ornamentals
  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Fencelines
  • Brush and vine control

Children and pets, such as dogs and cats, may enter the treated areas after Roundup has dried.


Vine-X Vine & Brush Control

If poison ivy and other vines are problems for you, we recommend Vine-X Vine and Brush Control.

Invasive vines and brush plants are a constant problem for America’s gardeners, as well as for landscape professionals. Besides degrading the appearance of a well-maintained, cultivated area, invasives also compete with good plants for water, nutrients, and sun, and cause damage to property and equipment.

Now for the very first time home gardeners can use the same formula that vegetation control professionals have been using for years, in new Vine-X Vine & Brush Control

The active ingredient in Vine-X is a special vegetable oil formulation that actually penetrates the waterproof bark of invasive vines and brush plants.

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