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We carry everything you need for your garden and lawn:


Why Shop For Your Plants and Garden items Here?

We are proud to present to our customers the most renowned selection of annual plants in the valley. Our vast array of flower, vegetable and herbal products is unsurpassed! Beyond our traditional presentation, we take pride in introducing new and exciting varieties each year so as to give you opportunity to expand your gardening experience.

Most of our plants grown here.

We begin with the basics – a seed – and continue to apply our knowledge and skills until we develop the most healthy products for your use. Our automated temperature and humidity controls allow us to produce remarkable seedlings which our professionally trained staff nurture into mature, beautiful products. Displayed orderly in our several immense greenhouses, our annual plants are available in both market packs and full trays to ease your shopping. As well, we present selection charts to aid in your understanding of growth habits of the assorted varieties.

Unlike the big box stores, we grow what we sell

We offer over 55 varieties of tomatoes and 40 varieties of peppers. Our goal is to offer you the best varieties available that will meet your needs. Other places just sell vegetable plants. We sell by variety name. We have a chart on the qualities of the varieties we offer so that you can purchase the proper plant for your needs. We also try to have the best producing, most flavorful and most disease-resistant varieties available.

Keep in mind that some of these varieties of plants and seeds will sell out early, so be sure to shop early and often.

Plants will be available at different times. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and early tomatoes will be available in early April; whereas, main season tomatoes and peppers will not be available until late April or early May. Fall crops including storage tomatoes, endive, escarole, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower will be available in late June and early July.

Additionally, we select high quality plants as the basis of our flower baskets and other prearranged presentations and develop them into full, vivid displays of color and foliage to meet your every need.

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