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Crabgrass has to be prevented now and attack weeds when their young for best control

¨ Crabgrass controls should be applied after the first grass cutting and final raking . We have the following to choose from:

Weed Out Pro Turf: This products fertilizes prevents crabgrass, other listed grassy weeds and kills broadleaf weeds that are present.

Bonide Crabgrass & Weed Preventer: This does the same as the above product w/o the fertilizer.

Crabgrass Preventer + Fertilizer with  Dimension.  This product can be applied up to 4 weeks after crabgrass has germinated. So if you’re running late this is the crabgrass preventer to use.

¨ Remember once a crabgrass preventer is applied there is no more raking.  This will destroy the chemical barrier that attacks the crabgrass.

¨ Two hard to control weeds that need to be sprayed as soon as they appear in the spring are ground Ivy and wild violets. The best control to use is Weed-Free Zone by Fertilome. This is the best product because it will work in the cool temperatures of spring.  Many lawn weed killers need warm temperatures to be effective. If your going to do the work use a product that’s going to work.

¨ If broad leaf weeds such as dandelions are a problem apply a weed & feed fertilizer once weeds appear.  We have several to choose from.

¨ If you just want to kick start the lawn then apply Fertilome Lawn Food with Iron as soon as spring temperatures arrive. Then apply crabgrass and weed controls later at the proper time.

¨ If moss is a problem  apply a moss killer anytime now.  We have a granular or liquid.  Apply lime and grass seed once moss is dead.  Apply 10lbs of lime per 100 sq. ft.