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¨ Our seeds are in so visit our seed racks and make your selections. It’s best to have a plan when buying your seeds but it’s not necessary.   Peppers can be started in the beginning of March, followed by cole crops such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts,spinach, head lettuce, spinach, leaf lettuce and swiss chard.

¨ Tomatoes can be started near the end of March up until mid-April.

¨ When garlic and shallots start showing new growth fertilize them with Nitrate of Soda or Urea.  If you want to use an organic fertilizer then apply dried blood, Sustane Organic Fertilizer, or Milorganite.  Garlic needs a lot of nitrogen fertilizer to produce a lot of top growth.  The bigger the garlic stems and leaves, the bigger the cloves will be. Garlic and shallots should be fertilized every 2 to 3 weeks

¨ Our onion sets will be in when the weather allows them to be shipped.  Hopefully  by mid March. Just keep checking.

¨ We will have bottleneck onions for scallions, along with yellow, white, red and winter keeping onion sets.  In April we will have onion plants for late sweet onions along with keeping onions.

¨ As soon as the soil can be worked onion sets can be planted.  When planting onions, remember the smaller the bulb the bigger the onion at harvest time.  Also, the shallower the bulb is planted the bigger the onion will grow.  Onions need nitrogen fertilizer to produce large bulbs.

¨ Consider using Remay Cloth for early planting of lettuce, spinach, and Cole crops. Remay cloth protects from freezing by raising the temperature beneath the fabric by 6-8ºF. Plus it’s warmer beneath the cloth during the day and protects plants from the wind.  So it’s not just frost protection

¨ Remay cloth can be left on during the day. It lets air, water and light pass through.

Remay cloth on plants with out any supports. Cloth is just anchored along edges.  Cloth will last many seasons if cared for.


Remay cloth with supports over top of plants.Either way works and is effective

12’ x 10’    $13.99

Medium wt. 1.5 oz.